Power attribution and Estimation Engine in Linux

Worked on development of the power panel in GNOME-Usage with Felipe Borges and Christian Kellner.

Project Log

  • Problem and Motivation: Why: not all software is created equal. Some are more harmful than others, just like website have different footprints. We want fairness in energy consumption via quantification for each process
  • The What, Who, Why, When, Where, & How of the Power Measurement problem
  • Windows Energy Estimation Engine breakdown: Link
  • Windows System Power Report : Video 1, Video 2
  • MAC OS X Activity Monitor Power Impact breakdown: Link
  • Android Power Measurement system : Unknown!
  • Reverse Engineering PowerTOP : Link
  • Understanding Intel RAPL: Link
  • Developing the power models, collecting and crunching global user data
  • UPower - System Architecture and Integrations
  • Linux Process accounting infrastructure and integrating power event recording
  • turbostat - Accessing CPU and GPU Package details and power: Link
  • Comparison and embedding into sysprof –> Right now gives only CPU and GPU usage, whereas power is a multi-faceted problem
  • Update SuperUser question for all power models: Link
  • Next step = GPU in GNOME-Usage. GSoC Proposal
  • Intel CPU Energy analysis tool

Known tools (from LFE Summit)

Kernel Developer

Relevant Research Papers

Data collection sources

  • Tracy: Can collect data from HPC systems for workloads to fine-tune the model